The Clash Files (2018-2021)

In 2021, I was part of a gaming community called The Clash Files. They used a UFO to represent themselves as a nod to the X files. I made these animations as themed discord server icons and also matching banners and profile pics for their twitter. It was a lot of work for something that gets turned into a tiny gif but I used them as a recurring personal project for me to try out new techniques and build my skills doing more complicated and interesting work.

At the time of making these, they were the most complex and challenging animations I'd worked on and I discovered new ways of pushing After Effects to its limits (all these animations are made fully in Ae)

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I treated this as I would for a paid client and took a lot of care on the details. For example, each of the gif loop intersection points settle on the UFO positioned in exactly the same spot for each themed version meaning that the server icon is still recognizable when not animated and the theme changes.

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