Clue (Mar 2022)
Motion Collabs, run by Laura Porat, provides briefs that anyone can sign up and submit to. Sometimes this entails a team project where people are assigned roles but more often the animators work separately from the same brief: Make a 30 second title sequence based on the board game: CLUE (aka CLUEDO) 
The animators were given a deadline and the following constraints: 
- Duration 
- A given music track must be used and not altered
- Cast names were given and the order must be correct
We were also given mood boards as suggested inspiration 
Other than the above guidance, we were given full creative freedom.

More than 30 animators signed up and 17 (including me!) submitted their title sequence on time.

This took me 91 hours total including drawing, design and animation.

I hope to make a detailed case study of how I did this... will update this page when I do.
Here's some of the sprites I made 

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