I'm an illustrator and 2D animator. 
I do a bit of design and a lot of illustration but I'm mostly interested in projects where animation is somewhere in the mix.

-  Detailed, textured illustrations
-  Projects that include liquids, gas, fire or magic
-  Physical media; painted scenes, sketches/hand drawn look

I only use After Effects for animation. For illustration I use pen/pencil on paper and also Photoshop. I sometimes fake 3D stuff in Ae but I don't attempt realistic camera moves and rotating 3d objects with realistic lighting.
For design I use Illustrator, photoshop and sometimes Indesign.

Are you a motion designer?
Want to get some eyes on your folio? Or nerd out on 2D motion stuff? Or talk about freelance business things? Let’s talk! I often talk with other freelancers at all levels—even if you’re new, don’t be shy; let’s chat!
You can book a meeting with me for free here on my calendly.
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