Reactive Refinery (May 2023)
This project was not a commission from Amanita design nor is it associated with them or the game Samorost; this is a personal project.

This is an animated homage to the game Samorost, a puzzle adventure game famous for its illustration style. Though this is essentially fan art, the main point of doing this was to test out some of the Cel style gas and liquid animation assets I've been making - I wanted to apply some new techniques and 2D sprites I've been making to a larger fleshed out project.

Emilio Lopez came on board as sound designer to help bring this to life.​​​​​​​
Nerd stuff:
Character rig made with a mix of tapered strokes and other shape layers, using nulls to paths to control the joints - the orange squares show the nulls.

For the shading I used layer styles.
A full breakdown including illustration time-lapse, Liquid, Gas and character animation:

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