Smart Money People (SMP) is a TripAdvisor-style platform focused on financial services. They also run public voting award ceremonies including the British Bank Awards (BBA). Much of my work so far for SMP has been on the assets surrounding this event.
They are a small company and I work as their only graphic designer.
I was asked to redesign a brochure for BBA 2020. A problem with the old brochure was that there were no distinct features that set the functional event specific pages apart from the advert pages. Some people were skimming through the whole brochure thinking it was adverts only. For this reason, I decided to use the green gradient from the BBA and clearly branded icons for a unified look that would make the functional pages stand out from the adverts.
Here are the icons I remade to be more in line with the SMP brand by designing them in the style of the company logo.
SMP are rebranding their website and need more up to date product icons to represent the categories of financial services on the review site. The old icons were overcomplicated, not consistent with the SMP brand aesthetic of the website nor with each other.

To solve these problems I used the illustration style that was being used elsewhere on the site (shown below in the first image) as a style guide taking shapes and design motifs and colours to make the icons.

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